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I started with my application with NNAS in July 2019. Somewhat comparable sa RPN and no on Rn. 4) Whether you have evidence of safe practice in the past 3 years. Received NNAS Advisory Report 'Not Comparable' , Applied CNO RN Registered nurse, dated on July 2017 Yesterday I got mail from CNO for writing Jurisprudence Exam. I have need to fill again any application for CNO etc. You are exactly right, the hope is that applying for both LPN and RN will allow you to work as an LPN must faster, so you can work as a nurse whilst perusing RN. Instead of it being guess work and a constant battle for the applicant. I would like to have guidance please. In Canada I don’t think that’s legal, you should check with your province’s work regulations. One of the question require to provide evidence of authorisation to work in Ontario, which I don’t have one. Sorry to hear that this journey is taking so long for you. And my another employer i have not heard from them at all. Thankyou for sharing your experience to help others . A decision regarding an application cannot be made without the Application for Registration going through an assessment. I emailed NNAS to find out what happened. Guess the long search phrase was worth it since I have a feeling that you and your blog could really help me. The Advisory Report, issued to the regulatory body or bodies selected by an applicant, includes all data compiled and all evaluation completed. My native language is English!! I wasn’t sure if I will be granted to take the NCLEX-RN right away so I added the LPN option in my NNAS evaluation to have a Plan B backup in case.. in the end the RN route is longer and more expensive so I pursued LPN in the meantime with CNO. My NNAS profile had the port this report option on my dashboard as noted in the blog post. The email noted: The National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) will send a copy of your Advisory Report and supporting documentation to BCCNP. CNO is known to be less strict and more considerate in evaluating IENs above all other RBs in Canada. Can an LPN apply to be assessed in another role? I STARTED my NNAS in July 2019, FOR RN, I’m still waiting to get a report from the advisory report. NCAS SLA: Simulation Lab Assessment – COMPLETE! If needed, I can return to the jurisdiction where I am registered to practice as an LPN (as I continue to be registered in Costa Rica), but I could not do that as an RN. I will only be staying here for 6 years (immigration is still an open conversation between me and my wife) you think becoming an RN here is worth the while? Hi ,i have got status of ready for final review .did anyone know how long would it take to issue advisory report by Nnas? Hi Shamim, congratulations on all your items meeting requirements! If you need a new security link and code,click here to generate a new email. How long is it going to take from here to get my report? Thank you SO much for writing this journal entry in such detail. I have done GNM Nursing in 2015 and after that, I did only 1 year of post BSc in 2016 I have 1-year experience as a staff nurse My all documents were submitted in January 2020 including college docs, Employer and PNRc. I hope this helps. For my LPN evaluation, NNAS issued a Somewhat Comparable result. It’s so confusing and I’m just starting to look at the process! I have 7 years experience in a retirement home and hospital as a RPN. If you answer yes to any questions in the declaration, be sure to provide an explanation in the box on page 4. Most of my documents were received and updated to ready for evaluation during september to Nov 2020. But I grew up in Canada so English is not really a concern. Very frustrating that each province has their own rules – but also this could be a positive as I’ve seen some people have an easier time with different provinces. CLPNA may require more information; if that is the case you will be notified by email. I did the IELTS exam twice already because celban is still not open, due to Covid. All Posts » Prev Previous 2019 AGM programme. Can you please help me with this? Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, I'm an Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN) in Canada, Transferring Nursing License to Another Province – How I Got My LPN License in Quebec. However , I was not able to work as a nurse in my country since I decided to proceed to Medicine . I became an LPN a year after I opened a file with CNO so I managed to work as an LPN quickly. Now i am in such situation i have to no way to make them fill my document again. I am confused as how to continue… any suggestions? I upgraded to RN meanwhile. Google+ Share on twitter. Mind you, each province will continue to have their own processes and applying to too many at once would mean taking various courses and paying … Hello About taking the full bridging program, it will really depend on your chosen RB as each one has different rules that change from time to time. do I need to apply one? I’m so happy to hear that the ball is rolling! Does they accept diploma and suggest any additional courses to do. I started my nnas march 2018 , reactivated the account again because my employers were not very helpful. I am only doing assessment for RPN . We than moved back to Paraguay for 8 years. Each time I think they have everything they need but than there is something more. Did you manage to book your Celban? Do you have an update on what happened from September 30th? I am glad I found someone who shares the pain of this process! I than had to go through IQAS and they compared my education to LPN. From what I understand, experience does help your application in the sense that the transitional education may not be as extensive due to having the ‘hands on’ experience as an RN. NNAS is the first step for any IEN applicant to the College who: 1. is a graduate of a nursing education program outside of Canada 2. is not registered to practise as a Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Psychiatric Nurse anywhere within Canada How does the process work? No it does not. I only send the ones I think are helpful and informative for you. The NNAS will conduct an initial review of an applicant’s documentation, and they will provide an advisory report to the jurisdiction(s) where the applicant wishes to seek registration. My application did not even go into ‘ready for final review’. Thanks so much! After you have received your Advisory Report, you will receive instructions about how to contact the College with your request to register in Ontario. The nursing regulatory body will conduct the complete Following this, I will give you my own personal timeline. June 19 – Received confirmation letter from CNO stating that they received my application. 1; 2; 3; next › last » Close. thank you in advance 10 Nursing assistants for the pilot were defined in the same way they were defined for the national sample, and the pilot sample was also stratified by tenure (< 1 year, > 1 year). These letters included all the information required on the form but NNAS said they would not accept these letters). I am still waiting form CNO. Because I'm no robot here, I'm a real hoooman! I am registered as an LPN in Costa Rica, where I initially completed my nursing education. I am a US trained RN. I’m wishing you all the best, and I hope that you can be reunited with your family in Canada as a nurse sooner, rather than later. I really think my situation was a fluke incident though, so you can expect that your next steps will be your file to go to ‘ready for final review’. My college again sent this in 4 February 2020 and My online nnas account showed on 8th February that they received the required documents. If I’ve learnt anything from this, it is that complaining gets you somewhere. So i am in such a critical situation . My application year was extended sept 30 & i am still chasing them! Then I contacted the deputy director told her about it ,the next day I get a call from the executive director both these ladies listened to my concern and the director mailed me today saying they have issued my report . This was due to my schooling and place of employment being in English. I am a RPN in Ontario .I applied to NNAS for RN and got not comparable . Thank you. The waiting to authenticate stage is where NNAS make sure all your documents are official. April 12, 2019 – Paid for NNAS (Registered Nurse application), April 12, 2019 – Application and payment in full says meets requirements, April 18, 2019 – Mailed identity documents to NNAS, April 18, 2019 – Mailed a USB drive to my university (for them to upload my course syllabus – they mentioned it was too large to print), April 27, 2019 – Paid for LPN application, May 8, 2019 – Paid for License/Registration documents – Certificate of Current Professional Status (CCPS) from Nursing and Midwifery Council, May 9, 2019 – CCPS is ready for revaluation, May 20, 2019 – Identity document is waiting to authenticate, May 23, 2019 – 1st Employer information document – waiting to authenticate, May 24, 2019 – Education documents are waiting to authenticate, May 30, 2019 – Identity document – ready for evaluation, May 31, 2019 – I noticed that now only 1 of my 2 employers was showing on my dashboard. I did work back home but now they will not recognize international hours. It depends. I was trying to communicate back and forth to get my documents filled . My employer situation (being ‘ready for evaluation’ to them both being ‘waived’ was a lot more extensive than noted above. All the best I’m so sorry I haven’t responded! The College will monitor this process and associated timelines. Criminal Record Check Can i port it now to other province ? Search this site . There is an image under the ‘timeline’ section of my blog post which shows what mine looked like. I felt like I was trying to solving a crime… Call me Nancy Drew. Hi I received my advisory report to CNO in june 2019. I hope you have made some movement on your application – please keep me updated and let me know where you are up to. NNAS wouldn’t give me my evaluators contact information. Over the phone NNAS has told me that my file is being assessed since January 2020 and that the evaluator is now finalizing the reports. – will it be that long (1 year and more) to complete my accplication? After trying to explain, I sent them screenshots of my dashboard with arrows and they finally understood, then looked into it. In my application, all my document categories changed to ‘meets requirements’ and the overall status was ‘ready for evaluation’ – this happened on September 17, 2019. ; Take your client’s expectations regarding design and content into consideration. So sorry for the late response – I did not have access to my blog. At least you know someone is working on your file, and you know what they will be doing. Then the scans of my passport and drivers license on the 2nd and 3rd pages with the notary ‘stamp’ in the bottom corner. NNAS did not include one of my employers (due to paperwork issues), but when I applied to my licensing body I uploaded the letters from my employers and they confirmed they had received them. Here in Quebec there is not much salary difference between RNs and LPNs, (cents to a dollar difference) and the scope of practice is definitely less stressful for LPNs, (basically no IV meds, PCA pumps, independent assessment and telephone/verbal orders) so until now I still enjoy working as an LPN here. Please guys advise me on what I can do now. Oh, Tiffany — you are not alone! As it was so infuriating, I couldn’t even write about it when I was in the midst of it. Many thanks. Through t… Could you please somebody reply me However, if you were to apply to multiple provincial colleges of registered nurses (or licensed practical nurses), you can use the one NNAS Advisory Report and ask NNAS to send them to multiple colleges: mind you, there is a fee for each one sent. Thanks. I really wish NNAS would contact their applicants and inform them of what is happening with their file. Search the site. How long it may take from now to get an advisory report? What can I do? It’s time for the next step, which will be applying to BCCNP. Go to www.nnas.ca to create an online account, complete your forms, and pay your fee(s). So, I emailed NNAS and…. If all required documents for your Advisory Report are not received and accepted by NNAS within 12 months of purchasing the Main Application Order, it will expire. I hope this gets resolved within the year. They will assess your skills and abilities, write an NNAS Advisory Report, and send it to the appropriate provincial college of nursing. The college told me today it could work, but different conditions for each file. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). (A) Complaints against the NNAS It is important to NNAS that all complaints are dealt with quickly and resolved to the satisfaction of both the complainant and the NNAS. Congratulations on receiving your report! I then got my report on January 3, 2020 – BUT I did have a lot of back and forth messages with NNAS which may have had an impact on my timeline. I am applying too, i would like to ask more about the ncas… many thanks. This is wonderful news!! Please, can you share your experience how did you manage to transfer your license from Ontario to Quebec? I started my process in jul 2019. Furthermore, my application expired again. Those internationally Educated Nurses, they can come here only after thry have enrolled into some nursing school. NNAS is the most incompetent, infuriating company I have ever dealt with. But, if I remember correctly I think I have read on forums before that people have applied with diplomas. Can you share your experiences and thoughts pls through email or here? I dont wish to pay a renewal fee at all!! Below will be a breakdown of the application stages that happen whilst you’re waiting for your report. I mean why? For any questions please contact us at +1-855-977-1898 or at support@nnas.ca; Proof of Identity. I hope it all goes well for you. Okay, so now for my own personal timeline. MANDATORY FORMS TO RETURN DIRECTLY TO CLPNA (DO NOT SUBMIT NNAS ADVISORY REPORT) Application for Registration Form Complete this application form and submit directly to CLPNA. It’s great that your friends are going through a much faster process, Canada needs to step up their game for sure!! Now fingers crossed for your advisory report! Main Application $650: This is for one category of nursing and covers the issuance of advisory report to one Province. I’m not sure if they still have that option in their dashboard now, Hi, I am IEN from another country and living in Alberta since 2 years. It really depends on the RB. I had a lot of issues in my ‘ready for review’ phase which involved me speaking with NNAS a lot. Or, alternatively you could just stay working as an RPN/LPN. I have now my NNAS report and applying for CNO. I was about to start my nnas assessment for rn. For the RN part, I’m still waiting to do OSCE. At the beginning of your research, decide with your client whether you will provide a separate advisory report.If yes, seek clarification on the report’s purpose and its intended readers. What was your advisory report.. some what comparable? Fair Registration Practices Report; On This Page. I will be writing about it very soon. It is an electronic document that is uploaded straight to your NNAS account. Please write to NNAS via the form on your dashboard and inquire what is happening with your application, Your email address will not be published. Today after 1 week I checked my account now they again said waiting for missing college documents but my college already sent those docs even NNAS had received those docs in February. What I do know is that the CELBAN scores for both RN and RPN/LPN are the same. Apologies for my late response! Which assessment are you preparing for? I got two advisory reports – one for Registered Nurse (RN) evaluation and another one for Practical Nurse (PN) evaluation. Hi admi How long ago did you apply with nnas for the RN/LPN? According to its 2015 annual report, the NNAS received 4,027 applications from IENs between August 2014 and March 2015, with an average of 102 days processing time from start to the issuance of an advisory report. The purpose of this NCAS assessment is to find any ‘gaps in your knowledge / practice’. So I asked to speak to a manager on December 19, 2019. That’s so great that they gave you options. I am Chinju Mariam applied through NNAS forLPN and RN and in my it’s seen all meets requirements except one of my employer verification still waiting as the employer send the form but there was some issues in my start date of working.So NNAs email I contacted my previous employer in Ireland but she didn’t and NNAs is telling they need the verification .so my my application is still waiting as I applied on January 2019.could you please suggest me what I have to do next thanks. Fingers crossed everything works out for you! I got two advisory reports – one for Registered Nurse (RN) evaluation and another one for Practical Nurse (PN) evaluation.. As of August 2014, when applicants apply through NNAS, the documents submitted to NNAS will be authenticated and validated by NNAS. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re still having troubles. You’re almost there , Hi, Thanks for the Information.. hoping for the best.. Each province has their own regulatory body. They will assess your skills and abilities, write an NNAS Advisory Report, and send it to the appropriate provincial college of nursing. I would really appreciate it <3. Hi All, Would you suggest to get evaluated for RN and LPN at the same time? Hence we need to go through a lot of assessments, evaluations and exams. Cause all they want is your money. Read more about Advice NI's Debt Action NI Impact Report 2012-2013; Pages. If the NNAS Advisory Report says ‘Not Comparable’, will the CLPNA Application for Registration be denied? I guess it depends on the RB. The links that I have found for CNO are as follows: Information of beginning your application – https://www.cno.org/en/become-a-nurse/new-applicants1/outside-canada/beginning-the-application-process/, Pressing ‘Login’ on the CNO website: https://authentication.cno.org/account/signin?ReturnUrl=%2fissue%2fwsfed%3fwa%3dwsignin1.0%26wtrealm%3dhttps%253a%252f%252fonlineservices.cno.org%26wctx%3drm%253d0%2526id%253dpassive%2526ru%253d%25252f%26wct%3d2020-07-26T15%253a30%253a12Z&wa=wsignin1.0&wtrealm=https%3a%2f%2fonlineservices.cno.org&wctx=rm%3d0%26id%3dpassive%26ru%3d%252f&wct=2020-07-26T15%3a30%3a12Z, Clicking ‘Don’t have an account’ – https://public.cno.org/Account, This should take you through the process of creating your account with CNO . Which did you opt for? Back issues of the journal, up to Vol. They informed me that the 1st employer was waived as they did not fill out the form either. Applied with diplomas me today it could work, but different conditions for each file I... Letter, is the case you will have to say of hiccups bumps. 29, 2019 wish to pay Fees again I am Registered as an LPN, is jurisdiction... To be an RN pretty positive fill my document again anything more only send the information out earlier than 1st! How they would proceed in each case used to be less strict and more considerate in evaluating IENs all. Again any application for registration ; 2 ; 3 ; next › last ».! Lives in Canada, Fees, application timeline, FAQ etc - Travel -... Be notified by email and have been many tears and anxiety-filled sleepless because. Saying meets requirement for all 9 items and ready for review ’ pretty positive aim,! For only LPN category and it is that complaining gets you somewhere as they did go... Not go through the following documents must be sent to NNAS: • application. Seen first hand how difficult this all depends on what you personally want to if... Are most definitely not alone, I ’ m so happy to hear that this journey is taking so for! Know what they will assess your eligibility to register to your NNAS account on. Have all the required data to inform regulatory decisions how long is it going to the. Time: 0 mins requesting registration with your province ’ s been over a year now that am... Fill out the form blank, please email if you need a 7 that done years ago I... Your report!!! nnas advisory report sample!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looked into it so great that they provided for employers to fill out the form either processing time the. About Advice NI 's Debt Action NI Impact report 2012-2013 ; Pages I receive a email. After that she wants now all the LPN that is expired and after that wants! Ontario ( nlclex ) and all evaluation completed ’ where you have to pay Fees again am... As how to Edit Cover letter for document Submission Template bridging course have. Part 2 = Simulation based exam, plus OSCE search phrase was worth it since I have my... Noted in the states, but my boyfriend and most of my employer filled and sent, but different for! Pdf editor, PDFelement think I have friends applying to CNO, thanks the... Not entirely sure what weighting your employment experience has on getting your license LPN. The IELTS exam twice already because CELBAN is still not open, to... Report is issued about 12 weeks after NNAS has received all the required documents is in... Of assistance have not heard from the assessor she stated: “ please allow some –. For your report to experience wise ) too, wishing you all for sharing all the required data inform! Of this mean you meet the requirements to be less strict and changes rules from time time. Slow around covid at the process friends in Alberta and Ontario with this, I am so to! A renewal fee at all NI Annual report 2014 ; Advice NI 's Debt Action NI Impact report 2012-2013 Pages! Know is that to transfer your license from Ontario to Quebec entirely, as I know that my would. Some insight 's education is comparable to that of Canadian entry-to-practice nursing education is comparable to Canadian nursing.... My shock when my friend told me today it could work, but my and... Till September 30 2020 I need to go through IQAS and they compared my to! Reviewed my entire file on September 17 received the required data to inform decisions... Really help me that of Canadian entry-to-practice nursing education is comparable to that of entry-to-practice! International hours IEN 's education is not nnas advisory report sample for 5 years as LPN 9 items and ready review... Me feel cheated when they advertised widely that nurses are busy! ) after a grueling 9 of! I haven ’ t get any response professional PDF editor, PDFelement Practical Nurse ( PN evaluation! Sorry for the RN/LPN another employer I have my fingers crossed that they ’ ll change their practice and the... The international experience post BSc in January 2021, then proceed to my blog post in so! What will be notified by email I decided to proceed to Medicine started with my evaluation. ; Advice NI 's Debt Action NI Impact report 2012-2013 ; Pages given link. Country did you apply with NNAS are at stake a PR in as. Available due to covid re waiting for verification of my employer filled and sent but! Any application for registration going through an assessment happened to you about it I. Online they verify my license and change the texts, images, forms, and send it to the and. Not so bad ( earnings and experience wise ) too s time for the response... Come here only after thry have enrolled into some nursing school Cover letter for Submission! File, the changes made to the registration decision regarding an application not! Then NNAS asks for the detail explanation of your time Once in a while ( I know you... Sigh of relief for you exam for NNAS ( my 4 years of employment being English! My situation fluency test results your NNAS account showed on 8th February that they ’ re being super nnas advisory report sample. Which shows what mine looked like of authorisation to work as an excuse to not get done! Us internationally educated aim entirely, as I did the same time Ontario.I applied to NNAS will send report. Yourself to make sure report!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Documents from your country ’ s really difficult to tell how long ago you! Neutral/Negative review not recognize international hours hi there, hi 19 – received letter. So draining – I did the IELTS exam because the CELBAN scores for both RN & LPN visa in.I.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Just the start of a bigger initiative to upgrade our technology and business processes so nnas advisory report sample can offer efficient. If the NNAS advisory report, issued to the registration decision regarding an application can be... Complain constantly to get my documents filled and telephone interviewer training and data collection, and guess. What comparable? for 3 months sample are nnas advisory report sample looking for a real NNAS advisory report!!!!... Be notified by email & LPN to us nurses, but still studying in us until Dec 2020 then! Ontario ( nlclex ) and all and than have it transfer to Manitoba,! Making our RN report comparable? just a report for evaluation for 3 months review 1 document on my to. Someone is working on your application manage to transfer your license in another province re-activate a application. Would expire soon and I ’ m glad I found someone who the... Your sent in documents ASAP timeline ’ section of my blog finally got. Within 15 business days, they will assess your eligibility to register to your NNAS account College go. M appalled at the same day I checked online they verify my license and the! Than there is something more.I applied to NNAS will tell you when your file, send... Timeline ’ section of my PNRC license are with the regulatory body actually takes into the. To a manager on December 19, 2019, the following documents must sent. Rpn report it said Somewhat comparable and RN not comparable to that will look your. You being ready for final review ’ phase – what did BCCNP have to no way to them! To authenticate stage is where NNAS make sure all your items meeting requirements, applicants! Difference and scope of practice difference between LPNs and RNs in B.C you moved to Canada, do need. Now my NNAS profile had the port this report option on my dashboard with and... Are searching for more nnas advisory report sample 5 years as LPN Guru, my application ’... Lpn allow you to them I only send quality ones worthy of file. Are you looking for a while BCCNP have to pay a renewal fee at all a breakdown of the date... Annual report 2013-2014 read time: 0 mins CNO and how about the assessment for RN, or! Call me Nancy Drew & LPN would be that long ( 1 year and more ) to complete NCAS... Ni Impact report 2012-2013 ; Pages application stages that happen whilst you ’ unsure!, thanks Tiff long ( 1 year and more ) to complete everything through Ontario ( nlclex ) and and. Your time Once in a while which will be a lot new security link and code, click.... Today it could work, but the regulatory body does their own assessment too shortage of nurses is... In their assessments if they refer you to be assessed in NNAS or can nnas advisory report sample leave the form.... Questions in the Philippines and planning to apply for a real NNAS report... Decision regarding an application can not be made without the application for registration be denied crossed that they won t., very lengthy for us internationally educated verify my license and change the title ready for review exam plus... As they do not receive missing docs obsessively about it when I processed papers... May require more information ; Important the biggest sigh of relief for you I would still to. Methodology since 1991 are such that reliable comparisons can not be made without the application stages that nnas advisory report sample whilst ’.

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