Construction and Site Development

We provide highly detailed aerial photos, videos and data to help you plan, execute & monitor your development projects with the 30,000 view that you need. We can provide 3D mapping which shows many measurements such as volume and elevation. This is very useful for mapping and inspecting hurricane damaged areas and new site development.


Start Using Drones Today

We capture images & videos of real estate properties, cell towers, wind turbines, solar panels, power lines, pipelines, construction sites, rooftop inspections, real estate, stormwater management among many other things.

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Video Gallery

We have many videos online that show our high-def video imagery.


We are qualified to fly where other drone pilots can’t.

With three decades of taking incredible aerial images and videos, we have the experience you need.

We use state of the art drone technology that captures the highest quality 4K video and still images in the most challenging environments.

We provide safety and save you money.

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Our Standards

We are all about providing great service.

For every shoot, we:

  • Can provide live streaming all over the world
  • Can provide 3D, digital site mapping
  • Provide still images, edited & unedited video footage
  • Are fully insured